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Quality Hair Care Range from Segals Solutions

Description :
Hair Loss now has a comprehensive Natural remedy in India Segals Solutions, a balanced blend of researched and proven organics, vitamins and anti-oxidants to get strong, healthy hair growth..... right from the roots is now available in India. It contains the well researched, natural DHT inhibitor - Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens), in a unique combination with Silica, extracted from another natural source - a herb called Horsetail. Segals Solutions is a big range of products that includes dedicated Hair Supplements, Topical Application Formulations, fortified Shampoos that are gentle and pH balanced (free from Sodium lauryl Sulfate/Sulfeth), Hair Protectors and special Conditioners, all distinct according to the hair / scalp type and meant to treat alopecia, thinning hair, pattern baldness, dandruff, itchy scalp, split ends, damaged/dry hair and even scalp psoriasis. Given the span of ingredients contained in it, it is known to work for all stages of hair loss, in men and women of all ages. The best thing about Segals Solutions is its side-effect free character and has therefore it has emerged as an effective subsitute for harmful and cumbersome drugs like Minoxidil / Finasteride. Its not about stopping hair loss alone. Saw Palmetto has shown results of hair regrowth and better scalp coverage. Another ingredient contained in Segals Advanced Hair Supplement is FoTi, a herb of Chinese origin which has shown in recent clinical trials to prevent as well as reverse premature graying of hair. Segals Solutions professes to the stream of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) under which the strength of all non-allopathic streams of medicine have now been consolidated in cases of hair and scalp health and presented an effective, formidable and safe remedy. Contact: +91 98841.99958 Website: http://www.segalsolutionsindia.com Mail: contactus@segalsolutionsindia.com
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  Contact Name : Sithara Mithiran
  Address : Anna Salai , Chennai , Tamil Nadu
  Posted On : 2018-07-21 14:28:12
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