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Best quality barium

Description :
Barium Carbonate has wide range of applications used in ceramics, cements, bricks, rat poison and also in food and drink. Barium Carbonate is also named as Witherite. Uses of Barium carbonate: Used in Chlor-Alkali Industries during the pre-treatment of Brine that contains large quantity of sulphates and other Metallic Impurities require high degree of purification prior to electrolysis to avoid cell damaging. Barium Carbonate in the treatment of Brine helps to remove sulphates as Insoluble barium sulphate, calcium and magnesium salts as insoluble carbonates. Used in the Manufacture of other Barium Compounds such as Barium Chloride, Barium Nitrate and Barium Sulphate. Used as a fluxing ingredient in enamels, glazes and ceramic bodies. Used in oil-well drilling industry to stabilize the desired properties of baryte suspension used as drilling mud. To get best quality Barium carbonate call: +91-9959444423 or visit us at http://www.akshyachemicals.com/Barium-Carbonate.html
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  Contact Name : Rajesh Kumar
  Address : Hyderabad , Hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh
  Posted On : 2018-07-05 18:44:58
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