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If you requested your male friends to be frank with you, you’ll be surprised to find out that many have at some point in their lives enlisted the services of an escort. When men get married, their dependence on escort services reduces though not completely. A survey that was done recently showed that 15% of all American married men and 10% British married men regularly hire an escort. Why would a married man hire an escort? The common perception is that men only hire escorts for sex. This is true, but not entirely. Men hire escorts for sex as well as other services. In this article, we will tackle the reasons that married men give for hiring escorts. They want to feel wanted. When a husband approaches his wife for sex, they do because they want fulfillment. However many wives take the opportunity to make requests failure to which they withdraw conjugal rights. This makes men feel unwanted. They then prefer to pay a woman who will give him the affection he so desires with no conditions. In the marriage setting, men are seldom in charge. The wives are the ones who make majority of the decisions. Men need to feel like they are in charge of the situation. Rather than bring up the issue at home, they opt to go to an escort who will let him do whatever he desires is a good way to get the urge out of the way.

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  Contact Name : Hasina
  Address : Chennai , Chennai , Tamil Nadu
  Posted On : 2018-05-28 12:47:32
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