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5 Popular Trends in Modular Office Furniture Modular office furniture thus gives a space its distinct personality, but like everything else, it undergoes a significant shift in styles, designs, patterns, and trends. Undoubtedly, custom office furniture or modular furniture has a great future; and hence in this blog, we will explore five most popular modular office furniture trends these days: 1. Elegant and stylish office interiors: These days modern office furniture made of glass, chrome & metallic designs is seen trending. Designs finished with productivity-enhancing elements, and minimalistic features are being used to craft gorgeous workstations and office interiors. 2. Open cubicles: Modular furniture scores over traditional furniture regarding space utilization. Office spaces are opting out of boxed cubicles and embracing open floor plans as it facilitates a conducive office culture that fosters communication and teamwork, office furniture dealers in pune. 3. Multipurpose workstations: Workplaces need high-tech equipment tools for audio and video conferencing without moving from one place to another. This is where the need for versatile workstations arises. Modular Office Furniture with its intelligent and bespoke design allows maximum functionality as it is portable, foldable, and capable of accommodating any digital needs. Furthermore, it is customizable to suit an individual’s physical needs, custom office furniture. 4. Intelligent storage spaces: Bygone is the age and era of wood-paneled filing cabinets. Modern offices are now combining functionality with innovative designs. Smart modular furniture pieces are being used to create spacious storage under workstations, mounted to beams, and usually bundled for teams with individual areas inside. 5. Ergonomic features: We all spend more than 12 hours at work every day. Thus, it is of paramount importance that the furniture addresses one’s comfort aspect. Here “Ergonomic design” plays a pivotal role. Modular furniture design considers ergonomics as an essential characteristic. Hence they provide adjustable heights of chairs, posture-enhancing contours and optimum office workstation size, office furniture designs. Log onto grcsystems.co.in to know more about what’s trending! GOODLUCK REVOLVING CHAIRS Sr No-36/01, Kondhwa " Pisoli Road, Dagade Farm Road, Pisoli Pune-411060. Phone: 020-65242229 Mobile: 9922022229,9922950151 Email: info@grcsystems.in Web: http://www.grcsystems.co.in
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  Contact Name : Grcsystems Pune
  Address : Pune , Pune , Maharashtra
  Posted On : 2017-10-12 14:46:28
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